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Architectural Finishing Systems

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems®, EZ Concept® are the innovators of the world-renowned EzyJamb® door jamb systems, offering an expanding range of architrave-free architectural finishing products to create modern interiors for residential, industrial and commercial spaces.

With our innovative line of products, we are here to help architects, interior designers, builders and developers achieve contemporary flush finished designs.


Clean Lines, Flush Finishes

Modern architectural trends continue to promote spacious, minimalistic interiors, with a focus on inconspicuous clean lines. So how do you achieve this level of fine detail when traditional door jambs require architraves to frame the jamb?

The answer is EzyJamb. This unique frameless door jamb system wraps the plasterboard and can be plastered in during framing, to blend seamlessly with the wall and provide a flush finish around the door, eliminating the need for architraves.

EzyJamb SRC door slightly open
Pocket Door close up of the cavity

Architrave-free Cavity Sliders

Architrave-free doors have become a strong focus of modern interior designs that dictate clean lines and seamless finishes.

Whether you are looking to transform a traditional cavity slider or need a complete flush solution, EZ Concept offer products to achieve flush cavity sliders that perfectly complement the trimless look of EzyJamb swing door frames across all internal doors.


Lyna & Beatrice

Your Questions. Our Answers.

The EZ Concept team are here to help solve any problem. Our team are happy to assist with quote requests, technical enquiries, custom products, and more.

Feel free to call us on 1300 399 526 or email sales@ezconcept.com.au to get in touch.




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