The Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) accounts for the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of goods prior to reaching the customer. Accreditation serves as both a celebration of Aussie makers and an informative source for Australians to inform their purchases.

The line of EZ Concept products recognised by AMCL represent the best of the nation’s architectural and construction products. The high grade of EZ Concept systems is predicated on its Australian BlueScope Steel composition and our in-house Technical team continually developing improved architectural solutions. The refined finish is achieved by our dedicated team rolling and preparing this steel to form the architectural systems we pride ourselves on.

This markedly Australian pipeline signifies EZ Concept’s active position in moulding Australian architecture.

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Our team in Croydon, Victoria caringly produce architectural products at the manufacturing plant located here. All steps of manufacture, quality control, and packaging occur here ready for distribution.

Stock is transported by Studco’s fleet of trucks to national branches in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia. Each representing epicenters of the nation’s construction, this makes for quick turnaround on orders from each region. Leveraging the communities through Australia, stock sizes are also held by distributors in each state to ensure every part of the country has access to EZ Concept products.

Australian Made Measuring Jamb
Australian Made Displaying Jamb
Australian Made Quality Test

Australian Beginnings

EZ Concept is continually working to deliver time honoured architectural systems befitting of Australian spaces. Our products find a home in a broad palette of architectural spaces spanning residential, commercial, and industrial interiors.

The first EZ Concept system went to market in Australia in 2000, the EzyJamb Classic Adjust (EZC) was increasingly seen on job sites across the nation. This introduced Australians to the modern visual touch for which the system is designed. This aesthetic was developed over time to now three distinct profiles of EzyJamb door frames engineered, tested, and manufactured right here in Australia.

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A Family of Australian Made Products

A full line of products have been developed to complement the contemporary design objective. On-site door manufacture and machining along with the hardware to match; sliding door and access door offerings completed the stable of opening systems. Finally, a line of finishing systems made for an all-encompassing selection of Australian-made products including skirting boards, window reveals, capping, rebates, and pelmets.

Today, many products among this broad selection of premium architectural solutions are certified by the Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL). Devotedly Australian Made, EZ Concept is a proud member of the Australian architectural and construction industries.


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