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Premium Doors
A Statement Piece of Interior Design.

EzyDor® is a range of premium doors, each crafted to stand at the intersection between aesthetic form and functional durability.

EzyDor is part of a wider family of architectural systems.
EzyJamb frames & RocYork hardware together compose the end-to-end modern door opening.
EzyDor is manufactured & assembled in Australia.
fire station
All doors can be fire rated on request.
Customisable size, interior profile, & exterior style.
Pre-primed and ready-to-paint.
opened door aperture
Designed for pairing with EzyJamb & RocYork.
Have your hinge and frame routings pre-cut.
Flush Fluency
The flush panel door is a staple of modern interior spaces defined by minimalism.
A range of profiles give the freedom to choose the interior composition suited to you.
A pine/particle board frame interior.
Rails throughout the body for strengthened core.
6mm/9mm MDF skins on either side.
Skins primed for painting.
Frame Core
A fabricated multi-rail core body with a 107mm pine/particle board perimeter.
Metal Frame
An internal steel frame bolsters the door’s strength for resistance to bowing.
Solid Core
A solid moisture-resistant particle board core with a 32mm pine frame all around.
Block Board
A solid moisture-resistant particle board core from end-to-end for a strong finish.
A honeycomb pattern cellular core with a 32mm pine frame all around and a universal lockblock.

Your Design, Your Door.

Fitting the door within the frame is made easy with pre-prepared routings.

A CNC Machine is used to cut the precise routings fitting of either a swing or sliding door.

For EzyJamb frames.

For RocYork hardware.

For SlideSet cavity sliders.

Dynamic Décor

Discover the Decorative Door line.

A family of architectural styles, each a perfect fit for a finely detailed interior.


All decorative doors are composed of three 12mm MDF boards.

Panel detailing is crafted with either cut-out rebates or attached mouldings.


Realize the architectural form of your design with the door to match.

The decorative door line encompasses five distinct styles.

Decorative Door Line Red

Flush or decorative – EzyDor has been designed under the principle of cohesion.

Together with EZ Concept’s robust architectural opening systems selection, EzyDor completes the end-to-end modern doorway.

Step Inside

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