A Sleek Finish from Door Openings to Finishings

A Sleek Finish from Door Openings to Finishings

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In the realm of architecture and interior design, meticulous attention to detail holds great significance. Every element, from the grand structures to the intricate finishes, contributes to the visual allure and functionality of a space. EZ Concept’s openings and finishings solutions from Studco Building Systems are designed to bring your vision to life, creating a sophisticated contemporary masterpiece.

Innovative Solutions for Seamless Door Openings

This innovative square set interior door opening solution made from galvanized steel eliminates the need for bulky traditional trims and architraves, creating a minimalist flush finish without compromising quality. EZ Concept extends far beyond doorways.

EzyDor Grey Wall

Beauty and Function in Perfect Harmony

The EzyDor line offers a variety of minimalist door profiles to complement your contemporary space.

EzyDor Line

The Perfect Complement

Designed to seamlessly integrate with EzyJamb, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, offers both function and style.

Concealed with Jamb Cropped
RY60 Concealed Hinge in Satin Chrome finish with an EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC) frame.

Concealed Hinges

This provides the ultimate architectural look; hidden from view to allow for continuous clean lines around the door frame.

Herline Hinges

Surface mounted & self tapping screws for ease of installation. Complete with a loose pin for ease of door removal.

Lift Off Hinges

Ideal for doors that require a service gap, such as bathrooms, as they can quickly be lifted and removed without the need for unscrewing the hinge.

Mortice Hinges

Specially designed for heavy duty applications, works seamlessly with EzyJamb frame types SRC (Single Rebate) and ISD (Inswing) door frames. Mortice Hinges are surface mounted with self-tapping screws, ensuring easy installation.

A Range of Minimalist Solutions

EZ Concept offers a comprehensive range of products to achieve a complete minimalist aesthetic:

These aluminium boards come in three profiles: Shadowline, Shadowline with a rubber insert, and Skirting flat. This variety allows you to achieve a modern aesthetic in any residential or commercial space.

This cavity sliding door system conceals the door panel when open, offering a flawless transition between rooms. The flush jamb design maintains clean lines and the closer cap provides complete privacy when closed.

Available in both traditional and modern flush finishes, these panels blend seamlessly with your walls and ceilings, offering easy access to utilities and hidden storage.

This two-piece steel product hides blinds and lighting for a seamless look, creating a concealed finish between your ceiling and windows.

This steel window reveal eliminates bulky architraves for a clean, modern aesthetic.

These innovative capping solutions make finishing balustrades, windows, and partitions quick and save time with installations.

EZ Concept Product Range

Crafted with precision engineering and attention to detail, EZ Concept products seamlessly integrate into any design scheme, ensuring a flawless look.

Explore the EZ Concept product range today and discover how you can transform your next project into a haven of modern design. Contact EZ Concept sales team at 1300 399 526 or send an email at sales@ezconcept.com.au.

Case Studies

Clayfield House, QLD
BSM Building
Products Used
EzyJamb SRC, SlideSet, EzyReveal, EzyPelmet, AluBase, RocYork
Johnnie Walker Experience, Edinburgh
Contractor: BAM Constructions
Products Used
EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC), AccessDor Custom Access Panels
185 Park Street, LDN
Joinery Firm
Products Used
EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC), AccessDor Standard Access Panels


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