How to Stop-off AluBase Skirting with EzyJamb

How to Stop-off AluBase Skirting with EzyJamb

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Options for installing the end section of AluBase®skirting where it meets an opening.

The meeting point where AluBase® aluminium skirting boards reach an EzyJamb® framed architectural opening presents two distinct options of how to stop-off the skirting.

The integrity of the skirting board and jamb remain intact in both options, variation comes in the on-site installation time and the visual finish dependent on design preference.

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Option A | 45º Angle Connection

AluBase EzyJamb Angle Metal E
AluBase EzyJamb Angle Finished E

This option delivers a finish wherein the shadowline detail turns downwards into the floor to match the vertical stile of the door opening. As demonstrated below, this involves a three-step process:

AluBase Connection 1
Cut 45° triangular piece from length of Alubase Skirting Board. Discard cutout and retain main length and corner piece.
AluBase Connection 2
Rotate remaining corner piece 90° and fit to length of AluBase skirting board.
AluBase Connection 3E
Screw AluBase and angled piece into the plasterboard and caulk along the joint section.

Option B | Straight Connection

AluBase EzyJamb Straight Metal E
Fig. 1 – Using this method, caulk the end of the shadowline section to seal it off.
AluBase EzyJamb Straight Finished E

This option allows the shadowline detail to come to a clean stop for an ultra-minimalist finish that affords visual space to the overarching interior design. This simply involves cutting the skirting with a straight-line finish to a length that leaves the desired visual gap.

In Application

Option A | 45º Angle Connection

Turned Down Skirting

Option B | Straight Connection

Stopped Short Skirting

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