The Better Way to Construct Recessed Window Pelmets

The Better Way to Construct Recessed Window Pelmets

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Many EZ Concept® architectural finishing products have been created by listening and problem-solving the pain points of contractors, builders, and architects. The EzyPelmet®, for example, was developed after builder feedback revealed that traditional methods for constructing recessed window pelmets were a time consuming and tedious process, often resulting in cracked plaster.

After hearing these concerns, the EZ Concept team developed and tested a two-piece steel pelmet system as a solution to these problems, creating the durable and easy to install EzyPelmet.

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems®, EzyPelmet is a pre-finished, cold-rolled steel section for creating recessed window pelmets in plasterboard ceilings. The two-part product makes installation quick and easy, as fixing is not required from the top and it can be installed after the ceiling.

There are two ways to install the EzyPelmet, to suit different application requirements; the Wall Mount installation method and the Clearview installation method.

  • Wall Mount installation method: The EzyPelmet wall track is fixed to the wall lining, and the pelmet sits above the window.
  • Clearview installation method: The EzyPelmet is fixed to the top of the window section, allowing the window to extend beyond the ceiling and create a full-height window.
EzyPelmet annotated graphic

To install the EzyPelmet, the wall track is fixed to the wall lining (Wall Mount installation) or top of the window section (Clearview installation). The pelmet section then inserts into the wall track, and is fixed through the ceiling plasterboard, along the perforated edge of the pelmet.

EzyPelmet is available in standard or custom sizes and is finished in white, so there is no need for painting. However, if painting is desired, the EzyPelmet is prepared with a ZF100 Zincanneal coating, so it can be painted in with the ceiling.

Create clean lines throughout your project with the addition of EzyPelmet; the versatile option for creating recessed pelmets to hide curtains and blinds, conceal feature lighting and open up a space with full-height windows.

For more information about EzyPelmet or other products in the EZ Concept range, contact or 1300 399 526.

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BSM Building
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