The Original EzyCap – Studco’s Solution for Wall Ends

The Original EzyCap – Studco’s Solution for Wall Ends

Manufactured from cold-rolled steel, EzyCap® is a strong and versatile alternative to MDF stop ends.
Key Points:
  • Eliminate cracked wall ends with this strong and versatile alternative for wall ends.
  • Designed for quick installation using a slip fit fixing method.
  • EzyCap is available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations.
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Available in custom lengths, EzyCap simply slides onto the end of the plasterboard wall, providing a durable and secure end cap that is fast and easy to install and eliminates cracked corners that can occur with MDF or plasterboard ends.

The EzyCap is Zincanneal coated and ready to paint in with the rest of the wall, significantly reducing time and effort on site. Efficiently capping internal balustrades, window openings, cavity sliders and internal partition wall ends, the EzyCap prevents damage from wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Advantages of using EzyCap:

  • EzyCap is designed for quick and economical finishing of wall ends.
  • EzyCap is available in a range of sizes and custom widths and lengths to suit various wall configurations.
  • Eliminate cracking on wall ends using the EzyCap slip fit fixing method.
  • Reduce compound usage for each stop end using EzyCap.
  • Pre-finished surface standard and requires no extra preparation for painting.

EzyCap Original

A slip-fit wall end cap that slides onto the end of the plasterboard. Complete with a flat cap for a clean finish.


EzyCap Shadowline

One-piece wall end cap with preformed shadowline detail.


Optional EzyCap and Standard Closer Cap

EzyCap Closer Cap for Cavity Sliders

The EzyCap can also be used in conjunction with EZ Concept’s CavKit® system for cavity sliders, this option is best for doors that are often kept open as the door butt against the flat door jamb. Alternatively, EZ Concept® also offers a premium end cap for cavity sliders, which allows the door to close into a shallow rebate in the door jamb, offering complete privacy when closed.

The EzyCap wall end cap is durable and provides a consistent flush-finish look for square-set interiors. If you would like more information on this innovative product, please contact the EZ Concept team for a quote on 1300 399 526 or email

Need a custom solution?

The clean line and square set look can also be achieved throughout your complete project. Contact the EZ Concept team to assist you with creating a flush finish section to suit your needs. Studco can provide a whole finishing package that will enable you to deliver the flush finish look.

Custom Shadowline Transparent


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