Is EzyJamb Code Compliant for Use in Toilets and Bathrooms?

Is EzyJamb Code Compliant for Use in Toilets and Bathrooms?

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Yes, EzyJamb® can be easily adapted for use with removable or “lift-off” doors as required for code compliance when installed in bathrooms or toilets.

As stated in NCC (BCA) 2011 F2.5 (b), “The door to a fully enclosed sanitary compartment must…be readily removable from the outside…”

These criteria can be met by installing an EzyJamb with lift-off hinges and the special Lift-off Channel for the header which creates a deep rebate that conceals the service gap above the door.

Features & Benefits
  • In areas such as toilets and bathrooms where doors must be removable in case of emergencies, EzyJambs are ideal and code compliant.
  • The hinges allow for the removal of a hinged door without having to unscrew the hinges.
  • Lift-off EzyJamb hinges are finished with stainless steel for a look with class and style.
  • Easy to fit and time-saving.
  • Recommended for internal use.
  • Lift-off Hinges are available in both left and right handing.

When ordering be aware that Lift-off hinges are usually left and right-handed and that the part with the pin is attached to the frame, pointing up.

Case Studies

Modern Melbourne Home, VIC
Products Used
Full Height EzyJamb SRC, RocYork Herline Hinges, CavKit


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