EzyJamb Now in BIM Autodesk Revit

EzyJamb Now in BIM Autodesk Revit

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BIM (Building Information Modelling) continues to change the way we design and construct new buildings.

EZ Concept® is pleased to announce the arrival of comprehensive BIM files for EzyJamb® and EzyPelmet® products in the popular Autodesk Revit format.

After careful collaboration with architects, builders, and BIM specialists, EZ CONCEPT has ‘test driven’ the new BIM files on several recent projects and been given the thumbs up by all stakeholders involved. BIM is a powerful 3D CAD process that is used to create, plan, and document buildings and constructions in the modern digital age in which we live, with many architectural studios requesting high-quality, data-rich BIM families for popular products in order to avoid costly mistakes on site.

EZ CONCEPT BIM objects feature parametric design settings that easily integrate EZYJamb into any wall and EZYPelmet into any ceiling and gives you the flexibility to simply modify the object to create project-specific drawing details. EZ CONCEPT’s BIM files are available for free download from WWW.EZCONCEPT.COM.AU.

EZ CONCEPT BIM includes 3D and 2D representations of each object together with embedded product data to support the specification and provide a ‘life-of-building’ audit trail.

At this stage, only EZYJamb Classic Adjust (EZC) flush finish door jambs with hirline hinge or concealed hinges are available in Revit files. More EZYJamb profiles coming soon. Custom BIM objects and details are available on request from the in-house BIM experts at EZ CONCEPT.

EZ CONCEPT has also taken the opportunity to refresh the many popular 2D and 3D CAD files for EZYJamb and EZYPelmet, which are also available for free download.

Watch this space as more BIM files are rolled out for products from the EZ CONCEPT and Studco® range.



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