What Makes EzyJamb Steel Door Frames Better Than Timber?

What Makes EzyJamb Steel Door Frames Better Than Timber?

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A door jamb is the frame in a doorway into which a door is secured and fitted, it supports and levels the door. A solid door jamb is one of the most important components in installing a door, as it makes sure the door stops, opens, and closes properly. The door frame, typically made from wood or metal, also holds the weight of the door supported by the hinges and is crucial in making sure it looks and functions properly.

EZ Concept’s EzyJamb® steel door frames help create the impression of a frameless door jamb system that provides seamless clean lines and eliminates the need for architraves around the door frame.

Why choose EzyJamb steel door frames?


  • EzyJamb has greater resistance to knocks and bumps of everyday traffic.
  • EzyJamb has passed the 10,000 door slam test.
  • EzyJamb will not rot, warp, twist, or splinter like wood.
  • EzyJamb is unaffected by termites or water damage, unlike wooden door jambs.

Ease of installation

  • EzyJamb steel frames arrive on-site pre-cut to suit the door opening, therefore there is no need for cutting on site.
  • EzyJamb uses RocYork Herline hinges that fold into themselves, for quick surface mounting to the metal frame and door. EzyJamb is also available with recessed concealed hinges for a complete flush look.
  • EzyJamb Classic Adjust (EZC) is adjustable up to 10mm to allow for variations in the wall thickness.
  • EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC) is custom made to fit the thickness of the wall, for a quick slip-fit installation.


  • EzyJamb helps save time and cost on labour as they are quicker to install.
  • EzyJamb does not require on-going maintenance.
  • EzyJamb is prepped and ready to paint in with the rest of the wall and it wraps the plasterboard during framing to conceal fixings and incorporates the door into the wall face.

Suits any interior design

  • EzyJamb’s architrave-free design will match any interior from traditional to modern architecture.
  • EzyJamb’s frameless look makes any space appear larger, as the eye is not drawn to bulky architraves.

The original and superior flush door jamb

  • EzyJamb is made from premium BlueScope steel.
  • EzyJamb is a patented unique design.
  • EzyJamb is specialty coated with Zincanneal ZF100 and meets the finished surface standard AS/NZ 2311:2009, to ensure it can be painted immediately.


If you are interested and want further information, please do not hesitate to contact our EZ Concept® support team on 1300 399 526 or email us at [email protected]

Case Studies

8500 Sunset Boulevard, CA
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC, RocYork Herline Hinges
Yale House, CT
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC


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