Flush Finishes Throughout International Developments

Flush Finishes Throughout International Developments

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Offering residents the luxury of living within a work of art, remarkable curvaceous lines have been perfectly encapsulated by internationally-famed architect Zaha Hadid in her New York legacy at 520 West 28th Street apartments.

Further south in Melbourne, Australian architects Elenberg Fraser have designed a stunning 69 storey apartment building that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional kaleidoscope appearing to turn on its axis. Whilst these two architectural marvels reside in different parts of the world, the common theme in both projects was to ensure the interior design met the modern character of the exterior, with clean lines and flush finishes.

To achieve a seamless look, EzyJamb® was the perfect fit to create concealed door frames and square set interiors for both designs, as the unique frameless jamb system wraps the drywall during framing and blends seamlessly with the wall.

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems®; EZYJamb is a split-type door jamb made from cold-rolled BlueScope Steel Zincanneal to produce a strong and secure assembly. The Slam Testing results verify that EZYJamb bonds with the wall stud to form a compound section that can withstand up to 10,000 door slams, as the combined elements become stronger and stiffer, reducing vibration in the wall caused by the door closing.

Easy to install, EZYJamb provides inconspicuous detail, with its perforated sides that are specialty coated with ZF100 zincanneal coating and ready to paint as per the requirements of AS/NZS 2311:2009, Guide to the Painting of Buildings.

Studco’s mission is to make sure their customers can be industry leaders that can provide a competitive edge and quality finish with any project. We go above and beyond to ensure that your expectations are met, if not exceeded. Solve your construction challenges with detailed solutions and technical advice.

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520 West 28th Street, NY
Contractor: Related Construction LLC
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