Quality Steel Window Reveals

Quality Steel Window Reveals

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EzyReveal, the steel window reveal that creates a premium square-set interior finish and eliminates the need for architraves, creating that flush finished look is the perfect solution for modern architectural designs in residential or commercial interiors.

EzyReveal segmented installation view

Benefits of using EzyReveal

Manufactured in Australia from BlueScope steel, EzyReveal provides a strong and secure window reveal that won’t warp, crack or become damaged from sun-exposed areas, making it more durable than timber alternatives.

EzyReveal’s slimline design means it will blend with any interior space, creating a unique harmony with its square set finishes.

EzyReveal matches the modern clean lines of EzyJamb so the doors and windows of your space can match and create a flush finish without the need for architraves.

Installation is simple and quick. It includes pre-punched perforated sides to easily join and plaster in with the wall. Available in standard or custom lengths, for 20mm to 250mm reveals

Specialty coated with Zincanneal ZF100 and meets the finished surfaces standard AS/NZ 2311:2009, therefore it can be painted immediately with the rest of the wall, without the need for additional preparation.

EzyReveal is part of the EZ Concept architectural finishing systems range of products designed to bring interiors to life. The clean line and square set look can now be achieved throughout your complete project.

Learn more about EzyReveal or contact us at 1300 399 526.

Case Studies

Method Homes, CA
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC, EzyReveal, RocYork Concealed Hinges
Clayfield House, QLD
BSM Building
Products Used
EzyJamb SRC, SlideSet, EzyReveal, EzyPelmet, AluBase, RocYork


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