Designed for Minimalism

Bring contemporary flush finished designs to life with the EZ Concept range of architectural finishing products.

The EZ Concept Product Range is a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finishes in modern buildings. Manufactured by Studco Building Systems; the innovators in modern plaster finishing systems, EZ Concept premium products define minimalism by eliminating the need architraves, traditional skirting and timber systems from commercial, residential, and industrial interiors.

EzyJamb Flush Door Jambs

EzyJamb® flush finish door jamb systems create seamless clean lines and eliminate the need for architraves around the door frame.

EzyDor Premium Doors

EzyDor® premium doors perfectly integrate with EzyJamb® frames and SlideSet® cavity sliders.

RocYork Door Hinges

Designed to complement the EzyJamb door jamb systems; RocYork® hinges are made from high quality stainless steel.


The flush finish cavity slider system that gives the ability to completely conceal the door when open and offer complete privacy when closed.

CavKit Sliders

Transform standard cavity sliders into trim-free cavity sliders; the CavKit® trims and caps the plasterboard edges around the door penetration.

AccessDor Access Panels

AccessDor® Access Panels are flush finished, with only a 3mm reveal between the door and wall and a discrete latch to blend into its surroundings.

EzyReveal Window Reveals

The square set steel window reveal that creates a premium square-set interior finish and eliminates the need for architraves.

EzyCap Wall End Caps

Capping of internal balustrades, window openings and internal partition wall ends are all made easy using EzyCap®.

EzyPelmet Recessed Pelmets

EzyPelmet® is a two-piece steel pelmet box system that makes window blinds disappear – opening vast panoramas before your eyes.

FastCap Rebates & Capping

Create inspired ceiling designs with FastCap®; this system easily inserts between two sections of plasterboard to make light work of difficult rebates.

AluBase Aluminium Skirting

AluBase® is a modern alternative to traditional timber skirting boards. Equipped to suit modern finishes and commercial office environments.

Custom Shadowline

Modern interior design is characterised by clean lines and flush finishes. Shadowline sections provide simple yet effective details.


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