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Wall and Ceiling Access Panel:
Concealed and Hidden

Available in standard or custom solutions, AccessDor® Access Panels offer traditional and modern flush finishes. Our AccessDor options are suited for both wall and ceiling applications and provide a discreet way to access utilities and create versatile storage spaces.

AccessDor Access Panels include a variety of latch options to suit your security needs; including screwdriver cam latch, key operated cam latch, touch latch or deadbolt lock for maximum security. Select the type of access panel you need from the options below.

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Custom Access Panels

Custom made Access Panels expertly designed for a flush finished look. Our custom Access Door is a great addition to any room. Hide the appearance of ceiling access panels or service cupboards by specifying AccessDor in your next project.
AccessDor Standard AccessPanel

Standard Access Panels

AccessDor Standard Panels are suitable for wall and ceiling applications and come with a variety of locking mechanism options to meet
your security requirements.


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