Flush Cavity Slider Solutions

The architectural openings formed by these Cavity Slider Systems offer a totally square set finish around the perimeter of the frame – giving a seamless transition from room to room.

The SlideSet® offers the complete cavity slider system wherein the sliding door appears invisible when open and ensures privacy when closed.

The CavKit® is the perfect trim kit to transform an existing cavity slider into a flush finish feature. The system trims and caps the plasterboard edges around the door penetration.

Both systems are available in either standard or custom sizing and are composed of the highest quality zinc annealed cold-formed steel sections.

Flush cavity slider solutions

SlideSet Profile with logo

The flush finish cavity slider

Looking for a flush cavity slider? Create fluidity between rooms with SlideSet; the flush finish cavity slider system that gives the ability to completely conceal the door and give the impression that the door does not exist when open and complete privacy when closed when utilising our flush jamb system.

CavKit Profile with logo

Cavity slider trims

Transform standard cavity sliders into trim-free cavity sliders with CavKit; a flush finish system that trims and caps the plasterboard edges around the door penetration to create a cavity slider that can be hidden when open and provide privacy when closed.


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