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Hinges for Flush Doors: Perfectly Complement EzyJamb®

Designed to complement the EzyJamb® door jamb systems; RocYork® hinges are made from high-quality stainless steel and can be utilised for various applications to complete your design story.

RocYork hinges are designed with the clean-line minimalist finish of the EzyJamb in mind.

Available in three different profile, RocYork is suitable for a range of aesthetic finishes and functional needs.

RocYork stainless steel door hinges

Herline Hinges

Specially designed and manufactured to partner with the EzyJamb door jamb systems, the loose pin RocYork Herline Hinges are surface mounted with self-tapping screws, making them easy to install.

Concealed Hinges

Adjustable on three axis for the perfect fit and with the ability to be used on right or left handing doors, the concealed hinges will help deliver minimalistic detail that sets your project apart

Liftoff V4 Closed E scaled

Lift-Off Hinges

For greater flexibility, the RocYork Lift-off hinges are ideal for doors that require a service gap, such as apartment bathrooms, as they can quickly be lifted and removed without the need for unscrewing the hinge; saving time in an emergency.

RocYork Mortised Hinges

Mortice Hinges

Specially designed and manufactured to partner with the EzyJamb® door jamb systems. RocYork® Mortice Hinges are surface mounted with self-tapping screws, making them easy to install.

SlideSet with NoHa Handles

No-Ha Invisible Handles

Integrating door handle and magnetic lock in one box; RocYork No-Ha 2.0 enables doors to be opened and shut whilst completely concealing the handle providing the same finish as the door and walls.


Specbook cover

EZ Concept Product Specification Brochure

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EZ Concept Look Book

RocYork RY60 Installation Cover AU

RocYork RY60 Install Instructions

RocYork RY60 Datasheet Cover AU 0720

RocYork RY60 Datasheet

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RocYork RY80 Datasheet

RY80 Install Preview

RocYork RY80 Install Instructions

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