Little River, VIC

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Products Used
EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC), EzyJamb Inswing (ISD), RocYork Concealed Hinges, SlideSet Cavity Sliders
Little River, VIC 3211

Little River, VIC

An enticing blend of Spanish Colonial and Revival styles enlivened by modern influence in this Little River Home.

A gorgeous family villa exhibiting all the charm and tranquillity of regional Victoria. The Southern Spanish roots of the home’s overarching design inform the classical design of its lavish interior. A balanced counterpoint to this detailing is found in the subtle presence of minimalist door frames throughout.

Little River Windmill
Little River Facade
Little River Kitchen Front
Little River Hallway SRC
The SRC frame brings a clean line perimeter to this hallway opening that comfortably blends into its surroundings.
Little River ISD and Concealed Hinge
RocYork Concealed Hinges coupled with an ISD framed opening. The hinge will leave no exposed hardware visible once the door is closed.

The feeling of each hallway is notably different from one another, close enough in style to bring a consistent look but vary enough in detail to establish distinct character. Door framing plays a key role in bringing this to life with sections of the hallways distinguished by their selection of EzyJamb® Single Rebate or Inswing frames.

EzyJamb Single Rebate framed openings (pictured left) establish a minimalist charm with a clean line inset perimeter. Conversely, the EzyJamb Inswing (pictured right) delivers an effect reminiscent of a hidden door as the frame permits the door to sit perfectly level with the wall face. This frame also allows the door to push in towards the corresponding room, leaving a spacious hallway visual even with open doors throughout.

Little River Hallway Flush Doors

Classical meets Modern

The master bedroom oozes classical charm with gold accenting in all directions and detailed cornices tracing the perimeter. A double-door storage space stands understated against a cream wall and framed by the EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC). This room demonstrates a seamless blend of modern and traditional features alongside one another.

Little River Bedroom EzyJamb Wide

The balancing act between classical and modern stylings extends to other bedrooms throughout the home. Wonderfully over-the-top traditionalist detailing again sits alongside modern door framing. Two doors framed by the EzyJamb Single Rebate stand along the passageway into the room. The slight 3mm reveal along the edge of each door delivers tasteful subtlety that visually opens up this narrow space. This effect is replicated with the cavity slider immediately opposite that leads through to the ensuite. The SlideSet flush cavity slider system matches the EzyJamb look, bringing the same architrave-free finish to the sliding door. Whilst open, the door is invisible as it disappears inside the cavity to the point that the door’s leading edge sits in alignment with the opening jamb. Whilst closed, a rebated closing side stile allows the door to slide past the wall and comfortably sit inside this space to guarantee privacy.

Little River Bedroom Two SRC Cupboards
EzyJamb SRC door frames offer visual space to the narrow path leading through to the bedroom.
Little River SlideSet Closer Cap
Traditional details and cornices around the bathroom door bring vibrancy whilst the SlideSet opening itself offers a modern counterbalance.

This SlideSet is also found in the main bathroom where a pale blend of tile climbing the walls is complemented by golden touches from the taps to the towel racks. A lively checkerboard pattern underpins the imaginative design of the space.

Little River SlideSet Front On
Little River Main Bathroom Door

Boundless Imagination

The children’s bedroom creates a light and playful environment with farm animal illustrations along the walls. EzyJamb Single Rebate framed cupboards here are quiet in their application, leaving the eye to be drawn to the vibrant qualities of the room.

The childrens’ bathroom is a similarly vivid space as natural light floods through its windows. The EzyJamb Single Rebate frame is utilised here to both maximise visual space and minimise clutter. The elimination of architraves along its edge allows surrounding elements of the room to shine, seen in the gold accessories and ornate tiling.

Little River Dogs
Little River Kids' Room Two SRC Kids' Bathroom
Little River Childrens Room Wide
Little River EzyJamb Study Front

Studying in Style

The study flourishes as a collectors’ wonderland of trinkets furnishing the desktops and lavish tapestries decorating the walls. The same olive green colouring and ornate decoration is shared by the mud room.

The lavish feeling these pieces instill find their full effect in the negative space in between; space is created by the subtle door framing. This is exhibited in the Mud Room entrance employing an EzyJamb Inswing (ISD) model frame furnished with RocYork Concealed Hinges.

Little River Mud Room ISD and Concealed Hinge

Contemporary and classical design elements intertwine with staggering elegance in Little River.

EZ Concept is pleased to have played a distinct role in executing such an architectural vision.

The remainder of the house shares the same classical style complemented by modern features. All elements feel perfectly in tune with the understated detail brought to the home by EZ Concept architectural systems. The modernity defining each door opening is suggestive of the luscious lifestyle to which the villa is home.

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