Method Homes, CA

Project Type
Products Used
EzyJamb EZC, EzyReveal, RocYork Concealed Hinges
Los Angeles, CA

Method Homes, CA

Beginning in November of 2016, Method Homes Annata Model was built in Washington State and transported to the Los Angeles, California where it was assembled for the Dwell on Design show in June 2017.

The time crunch is nothing new to the Method Homes team, and they were able to complete the home with ease thanks to EZ Concept’s easy-to-install line of flush finish products. This 1850 square foot ranch style home boasts two bedrooms, two master bathrooms and a powder room in three modular pieces. The interior has a completely flush finish design that fits into modern trends.

Chris Pardo Design’s vision for the Annata model was to allow the client to select their finishes during the design process and more custom options beyond the curated selections that the design team gives you.

Method Homes Kitchen
The home's kitchen exhibits a stunning square-set finish.
Method Homes Living Room
EzyReveal framed windows match the trimless look of the interior design.

EZ Concept’s product fit the eye of the designer for clean minimal finishes and also suited the builder for assembly line production and stability in transport. EZ Concept® was honored to be specified on this project to supply our EzyJamb® Classic Adjust Door Frames used in collaboration with our RocYork® concealed hinges to create clean lines and flush finish door frames. To take the modern concept a step further, Chris Pardo Design also wanted to use our EzyReveal® to create flush finish windows in the home.

Aside from providing the perfect modern and clean line look to the project, Method Homes chose EZ Concept to supply the products for the Annata Model for two reasons; durability and ease of installation. EZ Concept provides products that are built to last and this is especially useful in a situation like this where the home was transported along the West Coast.

Ease of installation is important to anyone that would be building a home, particularly in this case, since the Annata Model was built from the ground up in just two days. Having products from EZ Concept was important to Method Homes because they are so easy to install and are the best quality.

Method Homes EzyJamb SRC Closed
A Single Rebate framed doors seen from the flush side of the jamb.
Method Homes EzyJamb SRC Open
The same door - open - revealing the minimal detailing around the perimeter of the door.

Putting together a home in two days, plus staging it for a show is always a difficult task… but our team is extremely experienced and we always get it done.

Brian Abramson
Method Homes

Brian Abramson worked closely with the EZ Concept sales team on this project. He stated that working with the EZ Concept team is always a smooth and painless process. The EZ Concept team prides itself on having top of the line customer service and sales support to assist in making projects run as easily as possible for our customers.

The Annata Model by Method Homes is the first home is the Annata series. This home is available for people to rent out as a vacation rental in Sonoma County. Dedicated to making homes look beautifully modern and deliver the best customer service, EZ Concept was the perfect company to specify on this project by Method Home and Chris Pardo Design.

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