Qaumajuq Art Centre, Winnipeg

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EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC)
300 Memorial Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V1, Canada

Qaumajuq Art Centre, Winnipeg

Elegantly framing the world’s largest collection of Inuit art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Qaumajuq.

A member of the Winnipeg Art Gallery – Sam Ogunnubi – described the newly unveiled Qaumajuq as being “in the heart of Winnipeg… almost like a beating heart right in the center.” A complex dedicated to illuminating Inuit history and culture, the Qaumajuq is a spectacularly realized extension to the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG). The architectural beauty of the gallery can be seen from sky, reflecting the texture and shape of an iceberg reminiscent of northern Inuit locales. EZ Concept played a hand in moulding the interior landscape to suit. The minimalist finish of door openings inside completes the strikingly white shade lacing the gallery’s exhibits and halls.

Qaumajuq Exterior
The iceberg inspired design illuminates heritage in spectacular architectural style. (Photographer: Lindsay Reid)


The EzyJamb system frames the openings leading through the gallery’s interwoven spaces. The frame enables each door to sit perfectly level with the wall, forming a flawless continuation of palette and aesthetic. The minimal detailing of this look is united with the WAG’s sleek vision for the space and the revolving exhibits it will serve to host. The Single Rebate (SRC) model was elected for the project indebted to its subtle but distinct visual flair. The single-piece design of the frame met the client’s ease-of-installation measures to inform their time effective installation.

Sculptures and framed artwork offer a traditional look into generations of Inuit art. Meanwhile, a contemporary insight into this art is offered through modern installations such as the Inuit cabin re-creation hosting culturally important films. With a natural ebb and flow of shifting artforms throughout, it is the role of architectural finishing to provide a consistent, clean space for the art to live in. The EzyJamb Single Rebate fulfils this role as its understated design places the artwork on a pedestal. The versatility of these frames is exhibited by the vast range of door openings formed using them throughout the art centre. Inclusive of a number of single-doors and double-doors, this also involved specialty installations including openings reinforced for rim exit devices.

Qaumajuq Gallery
The minimalist architecture of the gallery's halls brings a spacious quality - giving the art pieces room to breath. (Photographer: Lindsay Reid)


Select EzyJamb framed openings were paired with closing mechanisms curated to increase accessibility. Bringing equal access to all visitors at the Qaumajuq and ensuring relevant Accessibility building standards were met, EZ Concept prepped for these door closer installations on each applicable EzyJamb framed opening. A selection of both surface and concealed closers featuring a Cam and Roller design completed these easy-to-open doors.

The reliability of EzyJamb frames allows them to be fitted alongside additional hardware such as door closers. A high-grade of steel composition brings the lack of required maintenance suited to a large-scale commercial project like the Qaumajuq. Making for an uncomplicated building process both at the time of installation and in the following years, the architectural system remains unaffected by high-traffic and heavy usage. Functional prowess comes at no expense to the finely detailed architectural plans of the Qaumajuq layout.


Uncluttered by inessential detail, the glimmering aesthetic of the Qaumajuq exudes confidence through minimalism. Accentuating the key art pieces and creating a framework for them to flourish is the timeless simplicity of the surrounding architecture. Concealed hinges accomplished this finish through both form and functionality. The EZ Concept team completed prepping to allow for the hinges to mask themselves behind the Qaumajug’s closed doors – flowing with the gallery’s skeletal design.

Qaumajuq Lobby
The soft white of the Qaumajuq's interior begins in the lobby. Two EzyJamb framed door openings on the back wall blend into their surroundings. (Photographer: Lindsay Reid)


Host to nearly 14,000 pieces of Inuit art, history is brought to vivid life at the Qaumajuq. The focused interior design frames the art with the architectural home it deserves. Finished with EZ Concept architectural opening systems, the uninterrupted white flowing through the gallery shines every last exhibit in just the right light. Everything in its right place, congruent architectural openings and finishings proved essential in the texture and gently dynamic space the Qaumajuq forms.


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