EzyJamb® is the flush door jamb system that eliminates the need architraves around the door frame and blends seamlessly into any modern square set interior design. All EzyJamb profiles:

  • Are manufactured by Studco Building Systems®, using high quality BlueScope cold-formed steel.
  • Have perforated sides for flush jointing around the plasterboard, making them the fastest, most economical way to create flush door frames.
  • Are specialty coated and meet the finished surfaces standard AS/NZS 2311:2009 to ensure they can be painted immediately.
  • Have surpassed the 10,000 door slam test, proving their durability.
  • Are available with premium RocYork® concealed, herline or lift off hinges.

With three frameless profiles to choose from, we have outlined a few key differences below that will help you to choose the right product for your project. Alternatively, you can contact our EZ Concept® team on 1300 399 526 for assistance.

EzyJamb Flush Door Frame Profiles

Product Code

EzyJamb EZC – Classic Adjust Door Jamb

EzyJamb SRC – Single Rebate Door Jamb

EzyJamb ISD - Inswing Door Jamb 


Two-piece adjustable split type door jamb – flush on one side of the door and rebated on the otherOne-piece door jamb – flush on one side of the door, with a single rebate on the other.The door swings open into the corresponding room, with the flush side in line with the wall face. Perfect for hallways and corridors.
Product Image

EzyJamb EZC Profile

EzyJamb SRC Profile

 EzyJamb ISD

Suitable for internal door applications

Two-piece adjustable jamb (10mm +/-)

One-piece jamb

Rebate on 'push' side of the door

Classic rebateSingle RebateFlush with wall face
Rebate on 'pull' side of the door

Flush with wall faceFlush with wall faceSingle rebate
Made from BlueScope Zincanneal Steel

Door Height
2040mm or 2340mm2040mm or 2340mm2040mm or 2340mm
Door Width
420mm – 1020mm420mm – 1020mm420mm – 1020mm
Finished Wall Thickness
82mm – 220mm80mm – 220mm80mm – 220mm
Custom Sizes Available on Request
Selected sizes available for QuickShip
Suitable Door Thickness
35mm, 38mm & 45mm32mm – 60mmMinimum 45mm
Concealed Hinges
Herline Hinges
Lift Off Hinges
Mortice Butt Hinges
Door Handing

For more information or installation details, please contact us on 1300 399 526 or email sales@ezconcept.com.au



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