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Ordering information and conditions

Handing Information

Diagram is suitable for Australia/New Zealand only

EzyJamb Ordering Instructions Diagram frameless bedroom doors

Opening Preparation

EzyJamb Classic Adjust
For herline and lift-off hinges use the following guidelines:
DOOR HEIGHT + 8mm (clearance) + specified floor covering thickness.
For Concealed Hinges add an additional 25mm to the width

EzyJamb Single Rebate
For herline and lift-off hinges use the following guidelines
DOOR HEIGHT + 8mm (clearance) + 15mm (header depth) + specified floor covering thickness

CavKit & SlideSet
Please discuss rough framing preparations with your EZ Concept representative.


All EzyJamb custom products are made to order.

Lead times apply to all EzyJamb orders. Typical lead time from date of order to date of delivery is twenty (20) working days. Longer lead times may apply in some cases. Always confirm exact lead time with Forman prior to placing order.

Expedited Orders

For urgent orders, manufacturing processes can be expedited on request. An extra charge per jamb set is applicable to expedited orders. Expedition of EzyJamb, CavKit and SlideSet orders is not always possible and is subject to operational requirements. Always confirm exact lead time with Studco prior to placing order.

Floor to Ceiling Doors

Floor to ceiling doors require no header jamb as the door extends to the total height of the wall, when framing for this type of application allow the ceiling framing and plasterboard to carry on through to the adjacent space.

Custom Door Sizes

Custom size EzyJamb, CavKit and SlideSet products are available on request. Longer lead times and additional charges may apply for custom sizes. Refer to Order Form #2 – Custom Sizes

Pricing and Quotes

All prices for EzyJamb, CavKit, SlideSet, accessories and associated processes do not include GST or freight charges unless expressly noted in writing. Always confirm pricing prior to placing your order.

Latch Plate Punching

Latch plate punching is standard at 1020mm from floor level. All latch plate punching dimensions are measured from the floor level up.

Shipping and Insurance

EzyJamb, CavKit and SlideSet products are shipped as a boxed kit for increased protection in transit.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure goods are shipped and handled with care, it is inevitable that goods will occasionally be damaged in transit. Shipping insurance to cover the cost of replacement of goods is available.


As all EzyJamb, CavKit and SlideSet products are made specifically to order to individual requirements, all EzyJamb door jambs are non-returnable and non-refundable. All orders for EzyJamb door jambs are also irrevocable after two (2) hours of EzyJamb receiving the order, due to manufacturing and scheduling requirements.


      • CavKit is designed to suit most brands of cavity sliders and is custom made to suit your requirements. CavKit standard components assumes the lining board is the same on both sides, if these are not equal please contact your EZ Concept representative. CavKit is a trim kit only and does not include the cavity sliding door, frame or track, if these components are required please contact your EZ Concept representative to learn more about SlideSet Complete Cavity Sliders.


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